2 most creative people in my life

My uncle Steve, anyone who knows me has heard stories about my Uncle. Growing up I remember he had long Greyish white hair, huge turquoise necklaces with bear claws strewn through, he wore tie die shirts, tattoos, was loud with intense eyes and most importantly was an artist. He’s the best story teller I know, with distinct voice was like my grandfathers, I noticed that more then ever in this recording. He grew up tough, the oldest of 7, his dad was a marine, mom was a teacher. They moved around a lot. My Uncle spent the early years of his life adjusting to new countries languages and cultures, he never stopped doing that as He had just arrived back from Mexico for 4 months. He’s lived in Oregon for years. I had to catch him at my Grandmothers who I Call Nana- my nana is a rock. Tough but soft, strict but kind. Sharp as a tac and old school, –perfect hair, matching dress and finger nails. A model teacher. The best of her generation. Her unconditional attention to children inside and outside of the family is staggering, teaching decades of children not only the fundamentals of learning but to be polite and follow directions. I remember her kindergarten class was spotless, hand painted murals on walls, every square inch detailed in the right place. Her house was different, remnants of that weeks family visiting or needing a place to stay, a safe zone for our huge family,
it felt like a monument to my mothers child hood. We were there for every holiday, every birthday. Vivid memories of a house plagued by roaring laughter, loud kids an out of tune piano and old 70’s furniture. A huge backyard and memories of pulling little sticker goat heads out of my hands and feet. The amount of grass hoppers and bullying I caught was enough for a lifetime. The garage filled to the brim with potential projects for her students and relics from the past 40 years 7 kids and 14 grand children. These are the 2 of most amazing people in my life, there influence was subconscious and inspired me to be me. My name is Canyon Webb and this is Episode one of the primitive point.

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